Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine



The tissue paper machine is also called a facial tissue machine. It uses vacuum adsorption technology and automatic folding and counting functions. It has the advantages of fast folding, neat folding, and easy operation. After the folded tissue is packed into a box, it becomes a boxed facial tissue. It is made with soft tissue packaging machine puts the tissue paper into a plastic bag to become a flexible facial tissue. The tissue paper is easy to use and is loved by consumers.

facial tissue making machine

Facial Tissue Paper Machine Advantages

Vacuum adsorption, automatic counting;

3 force regulating device to ensure folding dimension;

Both embossing and blank pressing functions are available;

Wider roller 560mm, to support 4 lines standard tissue production;

Here is the facial tissue making machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Tissue Paper Machine Parameter

Model YZH—2L
Product Size(mm) 200×200±2mm Other size are available
Paper Diameter(mm) φ1100mm Other size are available
Paper Core Inner Dia 76.2mm  Other size are available
Speed 0~100(m /min)
Controller Electromagnetic speed
Vacuum System 7.5kw
facial tissue paper

Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine Features

1. The original paper alignment function can be configured as needed;
2. The front and rear inching switches are used to pull the base paper, which is easy and safe to operate;
3. Automatic shutdown system when paper breaks to avoid waste products caused by no paper or paper breaks;
4. Finished products of different widths can be folded according to needs, and point cutting or full cutting can be selected;
5. The paper unwinding rack adopts pneumatic paper loading and stepless speed ratio adjustment to adjust different paper tensions;

facial tissue process machine

Pumpable facial tissues are gradually becoming popular in every restaurant, hotel and every home. Its advantage is that it can be pulled out one by one from the box or bag when used. It is easy and fast to use. It is loved by many friends and everyone likes to use it in the living room. Place a pack or box of tissue paper for the convenience of your family and visiting friends. Many friends also like to put a box in the car. Nowadays, the supply of paper extraction exceeds the demand. Many friends want to invest in this industry. If you do not know about the machine and processing process and want to know more detailed information about the paper extraction machine, please feel free to leave a message with us online! !


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