High Speed Paper Tube Core Cutting Machine With Multi Cutters



High Speed Paper Tube Cutting Machine With Multiple Cutters is an advanced equipment for cutting paper tube core quickly and efficiently. It adopts a multi-cutter design, which can perform multiple cutting at the same time, greatly improving paper tube core production efficiency. The cutter adopts imported wear-resistant blade, pneumatic booster control, and automatically discharges the cut finished paper tube core.

paper tube core cutting machine

Paper Core Cutting Machine Features

High efficiency
Able to complete a large number of cutting tasks in a short time;

High security
It adopts advanced safety protection device, which can effectively prevent accidents;

Can automatically adjust cutting speed and cutting depth to provide better cutting effect;

It can adapt to paper tube cores of different diameters and lengths, and can meet different production needs;

Precise cutting
Advanced technology and sophisticated control system are adopted to ensure the accuracy and stability of cutting;

paper tube cutting machine

Paper Tube Cutting Machine Parameter

Technical parameter
Paper tube diameter Φ30-100(mm)
Paper tube thickness 1-6(mm)
Length of the cut pipe 70-1500(mm)
Cutter number 8 groups (standard)
Working air pressure 0.6MPa
Control mode Button click
Main motor power 1.5KW
Number of operators 1

Here is the paper tube core cutting machine with multi cutters youtube video feed back from our customer’s paper tube factory working process for your refererence!!

Automatic Paper Tube Core Cutting Machine Advantages

The paper tube cutting machine has high-speed cutting capabilities and can cut dozens of paper cores per minute
It uses advanced cutting technology to ensure that every cut is very accurate and flat. This high-speed cutting capability makes the production process more efficient, saving time and human resources.

The paper core cutting machine also has a multi-head design, each of which can work independently
This means that multiple cutting operations can be carried out simultaneously, greatly increasing production capacity. The multi-head design can also be adjusted as needed to accommodate paper cores of different sizes and shapes.

The high-speed paper tube cutting machine also has an automation feature that can automatically load and unload paper dies
This reduces the need for manual intervention, further increasing productivity. Automated features also reduce the risk of operator error and damage, ensuring that each paper core is cut accurately.

High Speed Paper tube Cutting Machine is an advanced equipment with high speed cutting capability and multi-cutters design. It cuts paper cores quickly and precisely, increasing production efficiency. The automated features of such paper core cutting machines can also reduce the need for human intervention, reducing the risk of operator error and damage. High-speed paper tube core cutting machine is an important tool in the paper tube production process, which can help enterprises improve production capacity and quality.


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