Automatic Paper Tube Can Sealing Machine



An automatic paper tube sealing machine is an efficient sealing equipment, it is widely used in the paper tube production and packaging industry. Its main function is to seal both ends of the paper tube to ensure the safety and integrity of the product.

paper can sealing machine

It is suitable for sealing various round cans such as tinplate cans, aluminum alloy cans, paper cans, etc. It is easy to operate and easy to learn. It is an ideal equipment for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Paper Tube Sealing Machine Advantages

1. This paper tube sealing machine fully complies with GMP standards;

2. The overall shell is made of stainless steel, the equipment is beautiful and easy to clean, ensuring a comfortable production environment;

3. This paper tube sealing machine integrates capping, sealing, and bottle discharge in one, with a compact and flexible structure, which can be used as a stand-alone machine or as an automatic production line;

paper tube sealer machine applications

Paper Core Sealing Machine Parameter

Model JYD-980
Material  Stainless Steel
Bottle cap height  80-250mm (Adjustable)
Bottle cap diameter  30-110mm (Adjustable)
Bottle diameter  70-110mm(Adjustable)
Capping speed  50-70 bottles/min
Power  3.3-3.8kw
Weight  104kg
Size  3650(L)*1500(W)*1850(H)mm
Voltage  220V,50Hz

Here is the paper tube sealer machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Tube Sealing Machine Features

◆Unmanned operation, automatic lower cover, and sealing;
◆Production speed can be adjusted according to actual needs;
◆Operation panel design is reasonable and simple, PLC control and touch screen man-machine interface;
◆High production capacity, high degree of automation, suitable as equipment for sealing can production line;
◆The sealing wheel is made of chrome steel, which has high hardness, good wear resistance, no rust, and strong sealing performance;
◆Can lid joint control device: when the can body enters, the can lid will be allocated accordingly, if there is no can, there will be no lid, and the can will not be sealed if there is no lid;
◆The tank body does not rotate during the sealing process, which protects the product and the tank body well, with high processing precision and stable sealing quality;
◆The production efficiency of this machine is 3-4 times that of the semi-automatic sealing machine, and due to the use of a fully automatic lower cover and can sealing device, it saves labor costs and improves production efficiency

paper tube sealing machine details

An automatic paper tube sealing machine is an efficient, accurate, and reliable sealing equipment. Its application can improve production efficiency, reduce manual operation errors and labor intensity, and ensure product safety and integrity. With the continuous development of science and technology, the automatic paper tube sealing machine will play an increasingly important role in the paper tube production and packaging industry.


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