Automatic Small Paper Tube Core Cutting Machine



The small paper tube cutting machine is specially designed for the small dia inner paper tube:15-50mm, thickness 1-5mm, and length 800mm. (Standard six sets of knives)The number of knives can be set according to customer needs, multi-knife cutting, fast speed, and high precision.

small paper tube cutting machine

Automatic Paper Tube Cutting Machine Advantages

➊Automatic continuous feeding
❷Smooth cutting without burrs
❸Automatic operation is easy to use

Here is the small paper tube cutting machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Tube Cutting Machine Parameter

Technical parameter
The inner diameter of the paper tube Φ15-50(mm)
Paper tube thickness 1-5(mm)
Cut pipe length 10-1250(mm)
Number of cutter groups 1 set (standard )
Working pressure 0.6MPa
Control method CNC
Motor Power 1.1kw+0.22kw
Operators 1

Small Paper Tube Cutting Machine Features

1. The cutter cuts independently;

2. Easy operation and simple maintenance;

3. The blade material is made of black steel alloy knife, and the cut is smooth;

4. The operation part is concentrated on the touch screen, which is convenient and simple;

5. The control part adopts advanced PLC (programmable logic controller) control;

This small paper core tube cutting machine with auto paper tube feeding and auto paper tube removing system, it can greatly improve the paper tube cutting efficiency.And this paper tube cutting machien with compact structure, small footprint, flexible and convenient to use.If you also interested in this small paper tube cutting machine, welcome to contact us freely to get more details online and get 100% free quotations online!!


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